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I'm stubborn... for two years i've put up with substandard service, customer service agents that are "English impaired" that take forever to access... and lying to myself that saving a few dollars here or there makes it worthwhile ... don't be this ***... the latest is...
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  • Two years too long an error i am correcting for good
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H20 Wireless Plan Review

Worst company ever with the policy they have they will soon go out of business. I would not recommend them to anyone unless you have money to throw away.
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I have been a customer for a little over a year and absolutely loved my internet service. Now since they upgraded their services and devices to work with AT&T this company has become the worse. Apparently I ran through 6gb of data by just keeping my hotspot device...
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So true. Sadly I'm still using this piece of scrap till im able to get a new hotspot from another company that is reliable.


Yup that's similar to what happen to me I left the company as well and how come we had to get new devices one time a rep slipped up and said the devices were defective the old...

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H20 Wireless - H2O Bolt Review from New York, New York

We have the h2o bolt. Unlimited usage we use it only on the weekend so 8 out of 30 days. And the company shut down the Internet access. They said if you watch 4 Netflix movies or surf the net the system considers it excessive and shuts you down. I explained its only used on the weekend. They said it doesn't matter the system shut you down and you have to pay again. I don't know about you but $50 for three movies is excessive I'm done with them.
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I will like to informed the customer that when they are informed about a process and the time it takes, they should know that the process are worked through business hours. It means that If a customer call , lets say, Friday at 8:30 PM and the representative tells it...
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