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Their phone system works well and activating my phone with this card is easy, however customer service and their website is the worst.When trying to recharge my phone, I did not want the sim card plan, I got a website error; when I called customer service; they wanted an extra 3 dollar fee for them to recharge my phone.

I think they knew there website was not working because they do not ask me one question about the problem I was having. It is also impossible to find a local stores that carry their cards; I finally found an online store that carried the card I was looking for. I will only use cards since I do not trust them with my credit card. Beware on auto recharge, that they try to push, on a previous phone they set me up with an auto recharge plan that I did not want.

When I found out the huge problem, I could not cancel on line I had to phone and wait on hold for 25 minutes and then answer a bunch of security questions before they would cancel the auto recharge. They are not to be trusted.

I recently emailed them about my complaints but they have yet to respond.They are not friendly like Amazon.

Review about: H20 Wireless Website.

Reason of review: Damaged or defective.


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My God I am tried for 4 Hours in 2 different numbers and Nobody is picking the call


I had the same issue as well.Their website is horrible and will always get a "Access Denied" message.

I decided to move out of H2O and had a chat with customer care and they insisted to call the customer care number to submit a port out request. I called them over 3 times and waited for over 1 hour each time and nobody answered.

Such a horrible service.Better to shell out some extra money and go to reputed service providers

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