H20 Wireless Monthly Unlimited Phone Plan Reviews

I woke up to a text, claiming I exceeded my data usage and my service had been terminated as a result.This has never happened before and supposedly cannot be reversed. The only option was to transfer my number to another carrier. Horrible customer service and even worse terms and conditions. I have never heard of excessive use of an "unlimited" data plan without a solution but to transfer the number or get a new number. This is not only...
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I've had H2O for over 2 years, and I have the $50/month 2GB data plan, which has just recently moved to an unlimited plan with a max of 10GB rollover 4G a month.I have used it the same way as always, mainly youtube for music, but that's really it. I got a text about the abuse and that my account can no longer recharge (auto pay) and to reduce "excessive" data usage immediately or my data service will be terminated. I barely used my phone as I...
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Anonymous 'Update: I received an email back informing me that they could not reactivate my account, but were at least nice enough to provide the information needed to transfer my numbe...

I liked
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I didn't like
  • Poor managment
  • Uncaring company
  • Data usage policy